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Why EISL ?
At EISL we believe that success is about the journey & not the destination and we ensure that all our team members have a wonderful journey.

An equal opportunity employer, we are very strong believers in the human ability to think the unthinkable and achieve it. With this belief we see ourselves as enablers for the manifestation of Human talent & capabilities by providing:
A flat organisation structure which gives everyone the freedom and opportunity to attain optimal growth
An entrepreneurial environment where success is entirely a function of an Individuals abilities
A professional environment with the highest standards of ethics, transparency and accountability

At EISL our objective is to gain respect from all the stakeholders involved - Clients, Employees, Investors and Society wherein financial reward is not the objective to start with, but a result of the honest pursuit of the said objective.


We have noticed that there is a fraudster by the name of Debrup Saha is extorting money from candidates in name of providing employment. This person is no way connected to EISL. East India Securities Ltd. as an organization does not take any money from anyone to provide employment.

Job Openings

Manager - Business Development
As part of Business Development team, you will be involved in driving growth and increasing footprint of the company. The role demands skills in business development, entrepreneurship, operations and business management.
What you would be seen doing:
   » Research new opportunities / arena for growing the presence of the company
   » Identify and analyse market trends to determine the opportunities available for us
   » Provide support to senior management with respect to current business strategy
   » Co-ordinate / Brainstorm with the infrastructure team and research team to execute and optimize business ideas.
   » Elevate our relationships with exchanges, experts and technology vendors
What do we expect to be coming with you ?
   »Background of finance and exposure to financial markets and risk management
   »Very strong analytical skills
   »Ability to take leadership role independently
   »Self-motivated, innovative, presenter, curious and responsible individual
   »Hands on experience with technology would be preferred
   »Applicants should preferably have engineering degree or an MBA with specialisation in finance or systems.
     In case of Systems as major in MBA engineering background is preferred.
What you would expect from us ?
   »To develop you as a core member of Company's business strategy team with innovative freedom.
   »Remuneration will be comparable with the best in Industry.
   »Work environment is positive and inspiring
Lead Software Development Engineer - Core Systems
You will be a part of the design and development team, the most dynamic team of the organisation, the development team which works on the proprietary trading platform. The team is focused on C++ functionality. The team creates customised, highly scalable and optimized multi-threaded applications and solves difficult technical problems in a stringent time bound energetic environment.
What do we expect to be coming with you ?
   » Strong Computer Programming skills in C++ on a Linux Environment
   » Strong understanding of Computer Systems
   » Experience in developing Multithreaded applications and concepts of Object Oriented Programming
   » Good Analytical skills and ability to solve problems
   » An experience with development of low latency systems is a huge plus.
   » And, an engineering degree in Computer Science or Information Technology!
What you would expect from us ?
   » Value added and exciting work environment
   » Career planning on a fast track
   » Remuneration is comparable with the best in Industry
Manager - Trading Infrastructure
You will be leading the technical operations team, the backbone of the business, the technical operations team which works with managing real-time trading environment for the company. Deep technical knowledge of the infrastructure and ability to proactively monitor and troubleshoot infrastructure is required.
What you would be seen doing:
   » Monitor and troubleshoot the large scale trading systems and network infrastructure
   » Implement moves/adds/changes to production trading environment
   » Implement, manage, and monitor network security devices such as firewalls, network access control and network device auditing
   » Build and maintain toolkit for the production trading system including configuration management, process management, deployment,     monitoring, data collection, and analysis
   » Collaborate across the technology organization to analyse and troubleshoot complex system problems
   » Perform in-depth analysis of system performance
   » Interact, train and manage directly with members of development and operations teams to communicate technology changes, manage     incidents, and troubleshoot problems
   » Take responsibility of network security
What do we expect to be coming with you ?
   » Experience working with networks and systems
   » Strong Familiarity with Linux environment
   » Strong understanding of the networks including Tunnelling, TCP/IP, IPSEC, VLAN, Multicast, Routing, system configuration,scheduling,      kernels, performance tuning
   » Experience with Enterprise level switches, routers including managing and configuring them.
   » Understanding of urgency and ability to take ownership
   » Python and Shell Scripting will be an added advantage
   » Preferably networking certifications like CCNA
What you would expect from us ?
   » Fast track career growth
   » Remuneration compared with the best in Industry
   » Exciting opportunity to develop your managerial skill.
Python Engineer

What do we expect to be coming with you ?
   » 2+ years of experience working with python
   » Strong analytical skills
   » Ability to churn scripting solutions with a quick turnaround time
   » Inclination to learn new technologies
   » Preferably background knowledge of Data Science / Machine Learning / Hadoop.
Senior Quant Researcher
Are you passionate about numbers? Interested in making great decisions by using statistics, programming and insights? Do you want to predict trends before anyone else does? Do you want to develop products that depend on real-time data analytics? We’ve got something for you!
What you would be seen doing:
   » Changing the way things work by using data
   » Create and objective model around any problem thrown at them
   » Merge data science, analytics and machine learning, by using cutting edge technology.
What do we expect to be coming with you ?
   » A Bachelor ' s / Master ' s / Phd in a quantitative field with experience in statistics or quantitative analysis (e.g. computer science, applied mathematics, statistics)
   » Disciplined methodology to approaching large data sets
   » Knowledge of Various statistical models and implementation
   » Immense interest in learning and using Machine Learning techniques and technology
   » Thorough knowledge of Quantitative Finance theory
What you would expect from us ?
   » Positive work environment congenial to research work.
   » Effective Contribution shall enable you on a fast track to become member of the top management team.
   » Remuneration is comparable with the best in Industry.
Quant Research Analyst
Quantitative Researchers collect data from the global markets and breaks them down to create patterns by leveraging on various statistical analysis skills and data mining skills to make forecasts and develop profitable predictive trading models.
Quantitative Researchers team up within the trading teams to create and optimize trading strategies and advance the sophistication and results of their research, as well as work with members of the firm in technology and business roles to contribute to leading electronic trading strategies.
They also design and deploy new technology platform, do alpha research, do portfolio optimization, and execution.

What you would be seen doing:
   » Research and analyse a variety of large data sets to develop and implement signals
   » Collaborate extensively with others to analyse performance, optimize the trading strategy and continue to advance the results of the     team ' s research
   » Use cutting edge concepts like Deep Learning to identify patterns / trends in financial market data.
What do we expect to be coming with you ?
   » Degree in Mathematics / Statistics / Economics or Engineering
   » Should be comfortable in applying advanced mathematics / statistics concepts to large data sets
   » Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
   » Must possess intellectual curiosity and be a self-starter
   » Experience of working and affinity with Python
   » Fascinated and interested in modern concepts of machine learning etc and quantitative finance theory.
Financial Market Analyst

What do we expect to be coming with you ?
   » To gather data from various sources, put it in an understandable and presentable format.
   » Passion for financial markets. Key skills required: Excel (including macros).
   » Minimum qualification a CA degree or a CFA degree.
Software Developer - Desktop Application (Kolkata Office)
You will be a part of the design and development team. The team is focused on VB6, VB.NET and SQL Server. The team maintains customized and optimized Backoffice Desktop Applications and solves difficult technical problems in a stringent time bound energetic environment.

What do we expect to be coming with you ?
   » Strong Computer Programming skills in VB6, VB.NET and SQL Server.
   » Good Analytical skills and ability to solve problems.
   » Knowledge of Financial sector such as Share Market, Accounting.
   » 2+ years of working experience on the above.
What you would expect from us ? ?
   » Value added and exciting work environment
   » Remuneration is comparable with the best in Industry

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