Corporate Finance

At EISL, our objective is to facilitate our clients to raise finance at the right time and at competitive rates. Our corporate finance desk offers following services to facilitate financing needs of companies at all stages of their business cycle

Rating Advisory :

BASEL II norms require third party rating with agencies like CRISIL, ICRA, CARE & others
Funding cost has direct co-relation with the Credit rating of borrower
Rating mechanism is a difficult process which many corporate, particularly the MSME find tough to understand
We ensure that all the queries of the rating agency are properly addressed and attempt to get the most appropriate rating depending upon
   the financials & performance of the client


Is rating required ?
Help client chose the rating agency

Understand the business, industry of the client
Prepare fro rating exercise & discussions with the rating agency

Post assignment of rating, advise clients to focus on the weakness, if any, pointed out by Rating agency; which may improve the rating in subsequent review
Assist the client during the rating review

Factoring Advisory :

Factoring is a financial transaction whereby a business entity sells its receivables to a factor/Bank
Unlike bill discounting, Factoring is continuous prony can submit the invoice to the bank and get the money after deduction of the applicable
   interest cost
So once a factoring limit is approved, every invoice can be seamlessly encashed with the bank
Factoring is a very cost effective way to address liquidity and working capital problems of companies across all sectors

Debt Raising :

We have a very good understanding of the lending criteria & objectives of the various Banks, Financial Institutions & funding agencies
We use our experience to approach the appropriate lending institution so that the client gets low cost funding at the earliest
Our analytical strength helps us negotiate better with the lending institutions & autonomous bodies like NSIC & SIDBI
We advise clients for:

Term Loan
Working Capital Loan
Non Fund Based Limit
Structured Credit

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