At EISL, Currency Broking & Advisory is focused towards minimizing risks for our clients and help them achieve competitive advantage by mitigating the risks arising from highly volatile currency movements.

Currency volatility has emerged as a serious business risk for companies of all size & stature. As all risks are embedded with opportunities, we help clients to be on the right side of the volatility and thereby gain competitive advantage over their peers / competitors.

We have a team of professionals to advise clients on risk mitigation strategies and execute the same in a transparent & cost effective manner. Our advisory focuses on:

Identification of risks arising due to currency exposure
Measure the impact of the risks identified
Devising startegies to minimize / mitigate the risks
Evaluation of the effectiveness of the strategies

Besides the risk mitigation, we also advise clients on:

Trading startegies - To benefit from the volatility in currency markets
Arbitrage strategies - As & when attractive opportunities show up

Our volume in FY 11-12 was $ 240.94 bn. Our share of the entire exchange volume was 15%

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