Fixed Income

At EISL, Fixed Income Broking & Advisory caters to Institutional as well as retail clients. We are focused towards helping clients strike the right balance between – Yield, Liquidity and Credit Risk.

India being a country of saver (Saving rate 30% +), there is a huge opportunity to help investors look beyond the Bank Fixed Deposits into the private & public debt markets. This would enhance returns without compromising on the credit quality or liquidity. We deal with all categories of debt instruments – Government Securities, PSU bonds, Private & Corporate Bonds, Tax-Free Securities, State Papers and Primary Issues.

EISL is having a pan India presence in the fixed income market. With a highly experienced team of professionals, we are working towards evolution of a vibrant fixed income market by catering to all segments of market participants as mentioned below:

  • Wholesale Debt Market (WDM)
    Catering to Institutional Investors like Banks, Primary Dealers, NBFC, Mutual Funds, Insurance companies & Corporate treasuries.
  • FII & NRI Desk
    With a dedicated FII & NRI desk, we have created a niche for ourselves in this segment by providing one stop solution for all categories of overseas investors interested to invest in Indian Fixed Income market.
  • Retail Debt Market
    We cater to large network of clients like Provident Funds, Pension & Retirement Funds, Charitable Trust, Corporates, HNI's and retail investors.

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